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Trustworthy representation when Birmingham brokers and advisors fail to act appropriately

Brokers have a duty to provide their clients with the highest level of representation and service. There are numerous ways in which this responsibility may be breached. The needs and goals of the investor must be thoroughly considered for every purchase and sale. Brokers must also provide their clients with proper advisement and suitable investment strategies. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for their negligent or fraudulent actions.

The dedicated Alabama securities attorneys at The Frankowski Firm have spent years advocating for financially harmed clients. If you faced a substantial loss in the stock market, we can help you file a claim and understand your legal options.

Comprehensive representation for high-risk, unsuitable investments

Our lawyers understand the life-altering effects of a substantial financial loss. For some investors, broker negligence can leave families without their dream house, while others may lose their retirement savings. That is why our experienced Alabama investment negligence attorneys diligently work to hold negligent brokers and investment firms accountable for their actions.

Some of the claims we have successfully handled involve extremely risky investment options. The unpredictability of these funds and stocks make them unsuitable for the average investor. Examples of these investments include:

  • Mutual funds. These unpredictable funds should be overseen by a board of directors or managed by registered investment advisors. Inadequate supervision of mutual funds can amount to broker negligence.
  • Penny stocks. These risky stocks trade at an amount less than $5. When recommending penny stocks, brokers and firms must follow numerous obligations and procedures.
  • Variable annuity fraud. Brokers often use fear tactics and confusing language to secure the sale of these high-risk products to senior citizens, but variable annuities are rarely suitable for most investors.
  • Private placement investments (PPIs). Little public information is available regarding these private offerings because they are not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Though they sometimes have large returns, they are unsuitable for the majority of investors due to the risks associated with them.

Quality legal services when brokers breach their standards of duty

Investment issues may also arise when brokers fail to meet an adequate standard of care in serving their clients. Our Alabama investment attorneys understand the industry standards that brokers and firms should follow. Therefore, we are able to help investors identify when broker duties have been breached. We have seen breached involving numerous investments, including:

  • Buying on margin. When firms lend money to their clients for the purchase of buying securities from them, the firm earns higher commissions and interest on the loan. These arrangements also increase investor risks because potential losses are significantly increased.
  • Closed end funds (CEFs). Brokers sometimes try to push these collective investments improperly for the purpose of making increased commissions and fees.

Securities negligence suits are appropriate under a variety of circumstances, including situations where brokers breach their fiduciary duties or fail to recommend suitable claims. Firms may be liable for investor losses when they fail to adequately supervise their brokers, resulting in financial losses. Investors rely on their brokers and brokerage firm to consider their age, risk tolerance levels and income when making recommendations and investment decisions.

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