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The relationship between a broker and an investor is one that depends on trust, honesty and full disclosure. Investors sometimes place their entire life savings in the hands of an individual who agrees to handle these assets with constant consideration of their goals, needs and tolerance for risk. When brokers adequately meet these expectations, the result can be financially lucrative for all involved. But sometimes, brokers and brokerage firms put their own interests above those of the investor. These inappropriate actions can lead to fraud and negligent behaviors, ultimately leaving innocent investors with significant losses.

The skilled Georgia broker fraud lawyers of The Frankowski Firm fight to protect the interests of harmed investors. The firm’s founder, Attorney Richard Frankowski, has served investors for 15 years, bringing numerous civil claims against negligent brokers and brokerage firms. His successful endeavors have earned the firm a nationwide reputation for high-quality representation against investment fraud.

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When investment losses occur, questions often arise about the cause. Brokers will assert that these losses are in response to normal market fluctuations, but this may not be an accurate assessment. While it is true that market forces are often to blame, the irresponsible actions of a stockbroker may also be at fault. With the assistance of highly respected financial experts, our talented Georgia broker fraud and negligence lawyers uncover instances of misrepresentation and wrongdoing by stockbrokers. When brokers fail to put their investors first, our attorneys aggressively pursue negligence claims to hold brokers accountable for their actions.

Quality representation for various types of broker fraud and negligence

With years of experience, we have handled broker disputes involving various types of fraud and negligence claims, including:

  • Failure to diversify. Responsible investing includes the diversification of a portfolio among different investment options and types. This strategy is used to spread out risk and mitigate losses in the event of a market downturn. Brokers can be held liable for failing to adequately diversify investments.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty. Registered investment advisors owe their clients a fiduciary duty. This means that they have a responsibility to place the interests of the investor first, above all other interests. When they breach this duty and financial losses result, a negligence claim may lead to compensation for the investor.
  • Inadequate supervision. Investment firms can be held responsible when their brokers and advisors act in a fraudulent or negligent manner. These organizations have a duty to supervise and monitor the actions of their employees and agents. Failure to do so in an appropriate manner can lead to liability.
  • Churning. When brokers buy and sell securities for the sole purpose of generating inflated commissions for themselves, it is called churning. With the help of financial experts, we are able to identify situations where brokers are participating in this negligent and fraudulent activity.
  • Ponzi schemes. These illegal scams involve promises for fast financial returns. Yet, these profits are based on capital paid by subsequent investors, instead of actual earned profits. These schemes sometimes continue for long period of time, but once the amount of new investors declines, so do the returns.
  • Suitability claims. Disputes often arise over the suitability of actions taken by a broker or brokerage firm. When these individuals or entities buy or sell securities that are not suitable for the needs and goals of their clients, they may be liable for resulting financial losses.

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