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The Frankowski Firm is a well-known name in investment law, with a history of service for investors whose goodwill has been taken for granted by negligent or malevolent brokers or investment advisors. As erudite and proficient Los Angeles FINRA arbitration counselors and trial attorneys, we advocate for investors, both small and large, who have experienced financial losses through the actions or inactions of investment companies and brokerage firms. We offer not only competent legal services, but also empathetic and caring lawyers to guide our clients through the complexities of gaining legal recourse.

Do you have a legal claim?

The first issue most clients present is the attempt to determine if their losses were simply due to market forces, or whether there was a more nefarious agent at work. The entire premise of investing relies on some element of chance, and every investor will have their own individual tolerance for the amount of risk they prefer in their investment portfolio. It is not uncommon for less experienced investors to prefer less risky investments. Even with these types of decisions in place as safeguards, losses occur. However, when the causes of those losses are not due to any undue risk of the market but instead stem from malicious or negligent actions by a broker or investment firm, a client may have a legal claim to gain restitution.

Once it has been demonstrated that a loss has occurred, the next step in the legal process is to establish that the loss was the direct result of the action or neglect of a broker or investment firm. Securities litigation is a particularly tricky field of the legal system, and it is necessary to have a lawyer who is conversant in all the particular terms and details in order to obtain a successful outcome. Our team of practiced Los Angeles FINRA arbitration attorneys has the legal, financial, and practical knowledge and experience with FINRA cases to uphold investors’ rights.

What do you need to know about FINRA arbitration?

The majority of investment disagreements require arbitration through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). FINRA cases particularly need attorneys to have extensive training, specific skills in negotiation, familiarity with a unique evidentiary system, and robust financial knowledge. Our proficient attorneys can assist you through the FINRA arbitration process, from determining whether you have a valid claim, to gathering evidence, and even understanding the required timeline for filings and results. Our persuasive Los Angeles FINRA arbitration attorneys have the hands-on, practical experience with the FINRA arbitration process to help our clients receive the highest possible financial damage award.

What are some common types of broker negligence and fraud?

Brokers and investment firms should work with a very clear contract setting out how and when the broker and/or firm is to be paid. When investments perform well for the client, the broker earns a commensurate amount, on top of regular commissions for services rendered. Generally, brokers give good advice, clients take the advice, and both profit or lose cooperatively. Some brokers are not satisfied with these means of advancing their careers and begin to either engage in underhanded behavior to enhance their own income at the cost of their clients, or become lax and make improper or unsuitable recommendations to their clients. Either case leads to the same result: losses for the client and legal ramifications for the broker. Our Los Angeles stockbroker fraud attorneys are well versed in all aspects of broker fraud, including:

Sometimes the fraudulent activity comes not from the broker’s direct actions, but more from their recommending inappropriate investment products for the client. Brokers are mandated to follow rules in determining whether a specific product is suitable for a particular client, based on risk tolerance, time frame, and financial outlay. When these regulations are disregarded, well-intended but inexperienced investors may be pressed into the following generally unsuitable investments, and then lose money as a result:

It is possible for investors to do well with any of the aforementioned investment products; however, they are very risky and the vast majority of investors are misinformed, misled, or unsuitable for these options.

How does our firm support investors?

Our Los Angeles broker negligence attorneys have maintained a long-standing tradition of advocating for Los Angeles investors. In numerous legal cases, we have successfully received the most sizable financial awards possible for our clients who have suffered broker fraud or malfeasance. We offer a selection of educational readings for our clients, including information regarding:

We treat each case as a unique situation. No two clients have the same background and experiences. At The Frankowski Firm, our lawyers carefully evaluate every client’s individual position and address their specific concerns. We explore the causes of why a specific investment may have failed, how the investment broker failed in his or her fiduciary obligations, and what financial awards resulting from litigation might be anticipated.

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When an investment fails to perform as expected, there are many factors that could be at work. But if the cause is more than chance, instead lying in the negligence or misconduct of a broker or investment firm, legal help is here. The Los Angeles securities arbitration lawyers at The Frankowski Firm have the knowledge and know-how to successfully get justice for wronged investors. To discuss your case and receive answers to your questions, please call our Los Angeles office at 888-741-7503 or complete our contact form.