About the Frankowski Firm

“The primary goal of our law firm is to provide service to those who do not have a voice and need strong, courageous representation.”—Richard Frankowski

Every broker and every brokerage firm has a duty to each and every investor to make truthful disclosures, to use due diligence to determine the investor’s objectives and the risk tolerance, and to recommend investments that are suitable for the investor. When brokers and firms put their own self-interests ahead of their clients’, we are there to protect the rights of their victims.

The Frankowski Firm is a boutique law firm representing victims of securities and investment negligence and fraud. We have a documented track record of success, and are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients.  Our lawyers understand broker malpractice, negligence, and securities fraud and they know what steps are necessary to ensure that our clients’ needs are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

The Frankowski difference

When we believe broker negligence or fraud has injured our clients, we bring the claims in the appropriate legal forums. Depending on the type of case, we file claims in FINRA arbitration or in state or federal court. Whether the case involves a single person or an entire class of people, we fight to defend the rights of investors around the country. We are one of the few law firms in the country equipped to handle complex FINRA arbitration claims, and have earned accolades for our sophisticated and proactive approach to these cases. Firm founder Richard S. Frankowski has written and spoken extensively on FINRA arbitration and on investor rights. His books have been used in law schools and investor education seminars around the country to educate law students and consumers on securities arbitration. The Practitioner’s Guide to Securities Arbitration and The Investor’s Guide to Securities Arbitration are resources that can help guide lawyers and consumers through the maze of complex securities arbitrations.

We have a detailed understanding of state and federal securities laws that govern court cases as well as the procedural rules that govern FINRA arbitration. We are committed to fighting for investors’ rights and against the greed, misconduct, and lax oversight that has caused so much financial harm to investors around the country.

We do not spread ourselves too thin by accepting every case that we review. Instead, we closely review the facts and circumstances surrounding your claim to make sure that we will be able to provide you with an understanding of your legal claims before we ever file a case. If we don’t think we will win your case, we will let you know and we will explain our rationale for not accepting it. We commit time and resources to make sure that our clients get the best representation possible and the specialized care each case requires.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. If we don’t prove our excellence to every client throughout our relationship with them, we will lose our reputation and our success as a firm dedicated to investor protection. Most of our new clients come from former clients that recommend us to their friends and family. We work hard to make sure every client gets the individualized attention that their case deserves and that at the end of every client’s case, the client feels that we did everything in our power to achieve a successful resolution.

Who we are

Our team of attorneys stands up for the victims of corporate greed, professional malpractice, and individual negligence and carelessness. Whether you lost $5000 or $5 million, we are committed to helping you recover your losses. If your broker failed to protect your financial interests, we will fight to help you.  We invite you to learn more about us here:

Each member of our team brings a different skillset to the table. By working together, we are able to provide the depth and breadth of knowledge that is necessary to succeed in complex securities cases.  We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to every client we represent.  When you need us, we will be there for you.

Superior securities counsel for clients throughout the country

At The Frankowski Firm, we offer personalized attention and a detailed approach you may not find at larger corporate firms. The majority of our cases involve contingency fees: we don’t get paid unless we win. That means that our interests are completely aligned with our clients’ interests. We provide honest answers and practical advice based on experience and a commitment to service. We welcome the opportunity to stand up and fight against those who have placed your financial future in jeopardy. Please contact the firm or call 888.741.7503 to discuss how we can help you.