Knowledgeable Attorneys Explain Mutual Funds

Strong counsel when brokers and investment firms act fraudulently or negligently

Mutual funds can be a risky investment for many investors for several reasons. There are a range of types and classifications of funds that make it extremely hard for the investor to really understand which funds work for their goals and their risk tolerance.   Mutual funds have many underlying charges and expenses that benefit brokers and brokerage firms – but not the investor.

The mutual fund lawyers at The Frankowski Firm bring suitability claims, breach of fiduciary claims, and failure to supervise claims against brokers and brokerage firms who gave bad advice to their clients, and who looked to make large fees instead of helping the investor. Attorney Richard Frankowski has been fighting for investors who lost their savings, their investments, and their dreams for more than 15 years. His legal team is ready to help wronged investors get financial justice.

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If you lost money in mutual fund investments, there is a good chance it was not just the bad luck of the market. In many cases, the broker or investment advisor failed to give proper advice and pushed the investor into an unsuitable security. To review your investment losses and determine if you have a valid financial claim, call The Frankowski Firm at 888-741-7503 or complete our contact form. Our securities negligence and fraud attorneys are experienced and prepared to help.