Our Current Investigations

The Frankowski Firm is dedicated to protecting and upholding the rights of investors throughout the country. We invite you to learn more about our current investigations.

Lost Money Investing Through Robinhood? Learn Your Options for Recovery with The Frankowski Firm

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Consumer Complaint Database, the popular investing and trading platform Robinhood Markets, Inc. (“Robinhood”) received fifty-nine (59) consumer complaints so far in 2020, as of the date of writing. Customer complaints against Robinhood in the CFPB database include locked accounts, withdrawal delays, customer service responsiveness, among other issues. learn more.

Sierra Income Corporation Investors May Have a Right to Recover Losses

The Frankowski Firm is investigating potential claims related to investor losses in the Sierra Income Corporation. Sierra is a non-traded business development company (“BDC”). As a non-traded investment, Sierra Income is considered an illiquid and high-risk investment and therefore should never have been recommended or sold to investors who needed cash flow from their investments or were not looking to engage in speculative trading. learn more.

Stockbroker Dennis Phillip Ayre Named As Respondent In $1.4 Million Arbitration Claim

The Frankowski Firm has filed a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) arbitration claim on behalf of two clients who claim they were the victims of fraud and neglect at the hands of Dennis Phillip Ayre and his then-employers Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. and Penguin Capital Management in the Los Angeles / Beverly Hills, California area. learn more.

Interactive Broker Customers See Accounts Go Negative Due To Falling Oil Prices

Crude oil prices fell into negative territory this week for the first time in history. The negative pricing means that an investor with a long position in oil would have to pay someone to take their oil investment off their hands. The historic drop has sent shockwaves through the market. learn more.

Westpark Capital

NEW YORK – In three years of managing investments for North Dakota farmer Richard Haus, Long Island stock broker Mike McMahon and his colleagues charged their client $267,567 in fees and interest – while losing him $261,441 on the trades, Haus said. We invite you to learn more.

Mismanagement of Retirement Plans, Leading to Excessive Fee Generation

The Frankowski Firm is investigating claims of broker fraud and mismanagement that has led to significant losses and excessive fees in employee 401(k) retirement plans. We invite you to learn more.

Investment in Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds and Bond Funds

Puerto Rico municipal bonds have been rated as “junk” bonds by Standard and Poor, and investors have lost thousands of dollars as a result. The Frankowski Firm is currently investigating customer claims of losses connected to these municipal bonds. We invite you to learn more about these claims.

Claims against Wedbush Securities Broker Mark Augusta for Sale of Puerto Rican Municipal Bonds

The Frankowski Firm is currently investigating claims of unsuitable and misrepresented sales of Puerto Rican municipal bonds by Wedbush Securities and stockbroker Mark Augusta. The NYSE regulatory body has already brought charges against Wedbrush Securities and its owner, Edward W. Wedbrush, for failure to supervise. If you purchased Puerto Rican municipals bonds, or any securities, from Wedbrush Securities, or from broker Mark Augusta, we invite to you learn more.

Potential Unsuitability claims against Multiple Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Brokers

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has been a powerhouse brokerage firm for years. The Frankowski Firm is currently investigating claims on behalf of clients throughout the country who may have sustained losses because of unsupervised sales of unit investment trusts. We are also investigating New Orleans broker Timothy Thomas Gibbons for potential suitability claims against elderly clients. If you hired Timothy Thomas Gibbons as your broker, we invite you to learn more. If you lost money investing in unit investment trusts, as an investor with Morgan Stanley, please read on to find out your options.

Former Broker Charles Fackrell and LPL Financial, LLC to Pay $462,000 Arbitration award

Stock broker Charles Fackrell, of Yadkinville, North Carolina, used to work for LPL Financial, LLC. He was permanently barred by FINRA in February 2015, after he failed to cooperate in FINRA’s investigation into claims against him. He was also convicted of criminal charges for running a Ponzi scheme. Now, LPL Financial, LLC has been ordered to pay $462,000 in an arbitration award. If you invested your money with LPL Financial, LLC, or with Charles Fackrell, you may be entitled to damages. Please read on for more information about how the Frankowski Firm can help.

If You Lost Money Investing with the Woodbridge Group, the Frankowski Firm Wants to Hear from You

The SEC has announced it will bring charges against the Woodbridge Group and its founder, Robert Shapiro, for a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme. The Frankowski Firm is currently accepting cases on behalf of California investors who were defrauded out of their investments. We invite you to learn more about the case.

FINRA Bars MML Investors Services Broker Brian Michael Travers for Failure to Cooperate with Investigation

MML Investors Services Broker Brian Michael Travers has been barred by FINRA for failing to cooperate with their investigation into claims of undisclosed outside business activities and private securities transactions. MML has been censured, sanctioned and fined for its tactics with investors. If you are a Long Island investor who worked with MML Investor Services or with stock broker Brian Michael Travers, you may be able to make a claim. We invite you to learn more.

Aequitas Capital Management in Oregon Facing SEC Charges for $350 Million Ponzi Scheme

The SEC has charged Aequitas Capital Management and a number of its executives with allegedly running a Ponzi scheme, which could have defrauded Oregon investors out of $350 million. The Frankowski Firm is actively pursuing cases on behalf of investors in Oregon who have sustained significant losses. If you invested your money with Aequitas Capital Management, we invite you to learn more about the charges.