The Role of the FINRA Securities Arbitration Attorney

Advocating on behalf of investors throughout the country

It takes a considerable amount of financial, legal, and practical skills to be successful in FINRA securities arbitration. Many attorneys have not studied and analyzed the nuances of financial securities laws and regulations. To win a securities fraud case before FINRA arbitrators, it is necessary to prepare each case as though it was going to trial. It also helps a great deal if the attorney representing the investor understands what evidence is likely to be admitted and which arguments most arbitrators find persuasive.

The committed securities arbitrations lawyers at The Frankowski Firm offer a unique combination of financial acumen, legal tenacity, and practical experience. We have won many cases for our clients because we out-prepare and out-strategize opposing counsel. Our successful track record includes obtaining the maximum result in simplified arbitration and seven-figure awards in standard arbitrations. We appreciate how dependent clients are on their investments for their financial security, and how losing those investments can be devastating. To that end, we offer skilled and practical advice designed to help protect investor rights.

How do you pay for a FINRA arbitration attorney?

The Frankowski Firm handles securities arbitration cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we handle FINRA claims for little or no initial cost to our clients. We do not earn a fee unless we win the case. If we win, we get a percentage of the recovery. For many clients who have lost their financial fortune, a contingency fee allows them to seek justice at a time when they can least afford it.

Key considerations in choosing a securities arbitration lawyer

Investors should ask their attorneys a variety of questions to ascertain the skill level and prior success of the attorney they are hiring. Some of the key questions our lawyers hope you will ask are:

  • How many cases have you tried?
  • How many simplified securities arbitration cases have you won?
  • How many FINRA arbitration cases have you tried at a full hearing?
  • What are the typical expert costs, hearing session fees, and filings fees?
  • Who is responsible for the payment of expert witnesses?

Our firm welcomes any and all questions you may have. We understand how emotional our clients are over their losses, and how anxious they might be about the future. We will explain each step of the arbitration process so our clients can feel confident their case is getting the full attention it deserves.

Talk with an experienced securities arbitration attorney today

The right securities attorney often means the difference between winning and losing, and the difference between a high award and a low award. To speak with an aggressive and experienced securities fraud or negligence advocate today, contact The Frankowski Firm at 888-741-7503 or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment.