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You chose to work with a stock broker because you needed someone with the knowledge of the industry, and experience helping others earn returns on their investments. But then your broker lied to you, mismanaged your account, or failed to uphold their duty of good faith and fair dealing, which caused you to experience investment losses. What can you do?

At The Frankowski Firm, we help clients who have suffered investment losses because of broker malpractice or fraud. Our experienced investment fraud and negligence attorneys offer honest, practical counsel to investors in Florida and throughout the country. If you have sustained losses because of investment fraud or neglect in Miami, we want to help.

Stock broker fraud and negligence in Florida

As an investor, you are covered by the Investor’s Bill of Rights. Your broker has certain obligations to you as an investor which include:

  • Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
  • Duty of Disclosure
  • Duty of Authorization for Trading
  • Duty of Requirement of Suitable Recommendations
  • Duty of Special Situations
  • Duty of Supervisory Responsibility

Given their position of trust, when they violate your trust as an investor, and this violation causes you to experience investment losses, you may be able to take legal action against them. Our securities negligence attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your investment losses.

Common causes of investor losses

Not every loss can be attributed to negligence or fraud by a broker or advisor. The market is in constant flux, and some trades may simply not be as beneficial as others, despite all the signs they will succeed. However, your stock broker should abide by the rules, and the investment firm he or she works for is responsible for ensuring that their brokers and advisors do their jobs correctly under the law. The Frankowski Firm is available for consultation with Miami investors who have sustained losses because of:

What you should know about FINRA arbitration

Arbitration is the alternative dispute resolution process that is mandated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, in most investor disputes. Arbitration is different from filing a lawsuit in state or federal court. FINRA arbitration cases are not heard by a judge, but by a panel of three arbitrators or a single arbitrator (depending on the value of the claim), or through a simplified arbitration process which does not include a hearing. In a civil case, the facts of your case would be considered by a jury of your peers; in arbitration, the parties select the arbitrators who will decide their case through a process called ranking and striking. There are vastly different rules of evidence and a limited discovery process in arbitration which is governed by FINRA’s Code of Arbitration.

Founding partner Richard S. Frankowski has more than 15 years of experience fighting for the rights of aggrieved investors. He has written the definitive textbook The Practitioner’s Guide to Securities Arbitration, and a book for investors, The Investor’s Guide to Protecting Your Financial Future. Our practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of investors while holding brokerages accountable for their losses. With a reputation for obtaining significant awards for their clients, The Frankowski Firm wants to be your advocate when you are facing a dispute with a stock broker or investment advisor.

Some products are riskier than others

All investors assume some level of risk. It is your stock broker or financial advisor’s job to help guide you through the process, and choose suitable investments for you. When a broker makes purchases that will net him or her considerable commissions, but can harm your portfolio, you may have a claim for negligence. Our attorneys routinely represent clients who have lost significant sums because of products such as:

If you have lost money because of these common investment issues and products, you may be eligible to make a claim for damages, and to recoup your losses.

Work with a skilled attorney if you were the victim of securities negligence and fraud in Miami

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Types of Cases We Handle

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