According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, broker John Prinzivalli has been the subject of two churning complaints since 2010. Other complaints against Prinzivalli have alleged a number of securities law violations including that the broker made unsuitable investments and breached his fiduciary duty.

One complaint filed in October 2014 alleges $130,000 in damages due to unsuitable recommendations, high pressure sales tactics, and churning.  The case is currently pending.  In a separate complaint filed in November 2010, a customer alleged the broker churned his accounts, made unsuitable investments, and breached his fiduciary duty, claiming $250,000 in damages.  This case was settled.

Excessive trading, also called churning, occurs when a broker trades in and out of securities, even the same stock on occasion, numerous times over a short period. Many times the account will completely turnover each month with completely new securities. Brokers have no reasonable basis for engaging in this kind of trading other than to profit for themselves through the generation of commissions created by the trades.

Churning is considered to be a form of securities fraud. The elements of this claim are excessive transactions of securities, broker control over the account, and intent to defraud the investor by obtaining unlawful commissions.

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