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Investment losses may result from stockbroker negligence or fraud. A broker may have failed to provide proper advice or recommend suitable investment options. Investors often hesitate to pursue compensation when these harms occur. They are either intimidated by the process or are unsure about the exact cause of their losses.

The skilled Georgia investment fraud attorneys of The Frankowski Firm have years of experience advocating on behalf of clients who were harmed by mismanaged investments and inadequate advice. We can help you through the legal process for a variety of investment issues.

Assisting clients with investment issues caused by negligence or fraud

Our Atlanta Georgia securities fraud lawyer have the resources and knowledge to differentiate between normal market downturns and inappropriate broker actions. With our years of experience, we have the skill to handle even the most complex fraud and negligence cases. Some of the claims we handle involve:

  • Closed end funds (CEFs). These mutual funds involve a fixed number of shares. While they can be issued, not all of them are redeemable. With CEFs, negligence often arises when brokers push these investments for the purpose of benefitting from the associated fees for each sale and purchase.
  • Penny stocks. Penny stocks trade at an amount less than $5, and they are not generally listed on NASDAQ or the NYSE. When brokers recommend these stocks, they must comply with various obligations set by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and applicable federal securities laws. These high-risk stock options are extremely speculative and difficult to value.
  • Buying on margin. Investment firms sometimes lend money to their clients for the purchase of securities from them. This practice is controversial for various reasons. First, firms use this strategy as a way to increase their commissions, as well as their brokerage fees. Secondly, these arrangements place an unreasonable amount of risk onto investors. When losses happen, they are more substantial due to the larger position held by the client, as well as the underlying debt to the firm.
  • Variable annuities. Variable annuities are commonly offered to older investors as an option for protection against asset seizures. These products are extremely risky, and the pitches used to sell them are often based in fear and confusion.
  • Private placement investments (PPIs). There is little public information about these private equity investments, also called private offerings. Though extensive returns are possible with PPIs, their high level of risk makes them unsuitable for most investors.
  • Master limited partnership (MLP). These publicly traded investments in the energy and natural resource sector are often at the center of unsuitability claims, due to the volatility of the oil and gas industry.
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs). Publicly traded REITs are generally viewed as much better investment options than privately held REITS (called non-traded REITs), sold by broker-dealers. Non-traded REITs often underperform due to the up-front charges investors need to pay. They also commonly involve conflicts of interest that are not found in publicly traded REITs.

When brokers and investment firms act in a negligent manner, our knowledgeable Georgia investment issues attorneys take action to hold them accountable. Whether the negligence involves a failure to perform their duties, properly supervise brokers or to recommend suitable investments, at-fault brokers and their firms should be sued for negligence or fraud, as well as any other relevant legal claims.

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Investors rely on their brokers and brokerage firm to provide them with professional and adequate guidance. When stockbrokers and brokerage firms fail to adequately advise their clients, the attorneys at The Frankowski Firm bring claims on the clients’ behalf. To speak with a financial investment lawyer now, call us at 888.741.7503 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation at our Atlanta office.