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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a national organization that provides guidance and regulation for investment firms and professionals who broker securities. As the nation’s largest independent securities regulator, FINRA works hard to protect investors from the fraudulent acts of brokers and their firms. The organization also manages a system of arbitration that seeks to resolve disputes when they arise.

Upon bringing a claim, many investors are surprised to learn that their cases will be handled through FINRA arbitration instead of within a court of law. The knowledgeable Nevada FINRA arbitration attorneys of The Frankowski Firm provide guidance through this sometimes-uncertain process. Our lawyers have represented clients in numerous arbitration proceedings, so we understand the procedural requirements and how to present a successful claim.

Why is arbitration necessary?

In today’s investment community, vary rarely does a brokerage firm enter into an investment agreement that does not contain an arbitration clause. These provisions are meant to resolve disputes that arise under the contract without utilizing the court system. While many investors choose to sign these contracts without fully understanding the arbitration clause, their lack of knowledge does not alleviate them from the requirement.

Arbitration is a common method of alternative dispute resolution, meant to conclude civil disputes without the time and money that a court case often requires. The vast majority of securities fraud and negligence cases never see the inside of a courtroom. Instead, they are heard by a panel of FINRA-trained arbitrators. These impartial individuals consider the facts of the case and make a decision that binds all individuals.

At The Frankowski Firm, we provide highly skilled representation on behalf of clients seeking redress through the FINRA arbitration process in Nevada. We have helped clients obtain awards in both simplified and full-panel arbitrations. We work with some of the best financial experts in the country to help quantify damages so arbitrators are able to fully grasp the gravity of the claims we file.

Representation you can count on during an arbitration proceeding

Television and personal experiences have provided individuals with an idea of what occurs within a court of law, but most investors have no clue what to expect during a FINRA arbitration. These procedures resemble what occurs during a trial, with attorneys making opening statements, examining witnesses and providing closing arguments. The FINRA arbitration process generally consists of:

  • The investor’s complaint and request for relief
  • An answer to the investor’s complaint by the broker or brokerage firm
  • The selection of FINRA arbitrators
  • An exchange of evidence and information between the investor’s attorney and the broker’s attorney
  • A hearing where both sides present their cases and question witnesses
  • The final decision from the arbitrator

Under some circumstances, investors may request a simplified arbitration. These proceedings do not require an appearance before the assigned arbitrator. Instead, both sides submit all relevant documentation, and the arbitrator makes a decision based solely on the information included in the following documents:

  • Statement of Claim
  • Statement of Answer
  • Evidentiary Submissions
  • Exhibits
  • Witness affidavits

A simplified arbitration is only allowed when the amount in dispute is $50,000 or less.

When investment contracts do not include arbitration provisions, clients may file their disputes in court. If you are not sure about the details of your investment agreement, our skilled Nevada FINRA arbitration lawyers can provide you with guidance you can trust. We help you determine if your claim must be brought before FINRA or when other options are available.

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If you have suffered any financial loss in an investment, you may be tempted to blame it on bad luck or uncontrollable market forces. However, under many circumstances, your broker or investment firm may be liable for your losses due to breaches of duty and inadequate decision-making. The Frankowski Firm’s FINRA arbitration lawyers have helped many claimants in cases in Las Vegas and throughout the state. Let us help you. Make an appointment by calling 888.741.7503 or by completing our contact form.