What Investors in New York City Should Know

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Brokers must strike a balance between their desire to earn commissions and their duty to their clients. Investor losses can sometimes be a result of fluctuations in the market, but they can also be a result of the broker’s negligence or outright fraud.

The  investment negligence attorneys at The Frankowski Firm have years of experience representing clients whose brokers or financial advisors have mismanaged their funds. We hold brokers and brokerage firms accountable for your losses when caused by fraud or neglect. If you are in New York City, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Common broker behavior that can lead to losses

There are certain types of investments that are unsuitable for many investors. These products are often high-risk, largely illiquid, and unstable. The Frankowski Firm handles claims on behalf of investors who have sustained loses from:

The Frankowski firm handles these and many other forms of broker and brokerage firm negligence and fraud. If you believe that you may have fallen victim to stockbroker neglect or fraud, our investment negligence and fraud lawyers are available for consultation or appointment with investors in the New York City area.

To learn about your legal options, please contact us for a consultation

As an investor in NYC, you trust your broker to get to know you and become familiar with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. However, you may notice that you are experiencing losses from investments that are riskier than you preferred or that your broker represented. You can turn to the investment negligence attorneys at The Frankowski Firm. To speak with a lawyer now, call us at 888.741.7503 or compete our contact form to schedule a consultation now.

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