Birmingham FINRA Arbitration Lawyers Help Investors Seek Justice

Facing the challenges of a FINRA claim is easier with the help of an experienced Alabama attorney

Many investors discover any claims they have against a broker or brokerage firm must be arbitrated through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. There are times that a FINRA arbitration will be mediated before it reaches the final hearing. The positive aspect of arbitration and mediation is that generally they are faster processes for recouping losses and obtaining a just result. However, the FINRA process can be difficult to navigate without adequate representation by a Birmingham FINRA arbitration lawyer.

The Frankowski Firm works with investors who have experienced financial losses on their investments due to the failures of professional brokers and advisers. We also help clients to file legal claims when stockbrokers fail to follow the mandates of their profession. We fight for investors who have been subjected to financial harm by negligent or incompetent brokers and brokerage firms.

What is the difference between arbitration and mediation?

While many people use the terms mediation and arbitration interchangeably, they are two completely separate tools for resolving broker fraud cases. Having a command of the intricate distinctions can help investors choose proper professional legal representation aimed at their particular goal — be it arbitration or mediation.

  • Not unlike a traditional courtroom experience, arbitration involves two parties appearing before a neutral third in order to affect a binding resolution. As with other courtroom proceedings, these battles can indeed become very contentious, which is where having an experienced, knowledgeable legal professional working for you is essential.
  • Mediation is a non-binding process in which a trained, impartial mediator facilitates a resolution for the parties by finding a mutually acceptable outcome.  As both parties must agree to mediation, it is not always an option.

Choosing the right option for your circumstances is both personal and complex, which is why we highly suggest consulting an Alabama FINRA arbitration attorney to look out for your interests.

What does discovery mean?

In television and movie courtroom dramas, discovery is rarely seen other than when there is a surprise piece of evidence found at the last minute that changes the tide of the entire case. This is not how real life discovery actually works. Within 60 days of the Defendant/Respondent’s Answer to a customer’s Statement of Claim, broker-dealers and investors must provide a list of specified documents to support their claims or defenses.  Either party may request additional documents. Regardless of the scope of the discovery, the timeliness of the process tends to favor the prepared consumer, aided by an informed legal counselor.

This process may seem complicated, but our firm has the knowledge and skill to guide you through each step of the FINRA arbitration process.

Savvy Birmingham legal assistance is key in FINRA arbitration

Arbitration can be a difficult process and ensuring that your rights are being fully protected it of utmost importance. If you or someone you know in Birmingham has lost money from an investment or is facing FINRA arbitration, contact The Frankowski Firm at 888.741.7503 or fill out our contact form to explore your options for legal recourse.