San Francisco FINRA Arbitration Lawyer Upholds the Rights of Investors

California Investors focused on retirement funds are protected by FINRA guidelines

Americans are making wiser decisions by setting up investment portfolios specifically aimed at supporting them through a long and active retirement. With this specific goal in mind, there are clear guidelines from FINRA regarding how such funds ought to be managed. Should those guidelines be violated, our San Francisco FINRA arbitration attorneys are here to make sure you receive full reimbursement under the law.

After a lifetime of dedicated work, mature investors have every expectation of being able to enjoy their retirement funds. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a significant upswing in cases involving the financial mistreatment by investments firms or brokers. In such cases, we will guide you through all steps of the FINRA arbitration process. At The Frankowski Firm, we do our best to obtain a financial recovery for investor clients who have been harmed by incompetent or negligent brokers and brokerage firms.

What are benchmarks for management of retirement investments?

In 2016, the Labor Department released specific guidelines about what constitutes best practices for retirement investing. Any deviation or infraction against these policies would result in a dispute eligible for FINRA arbitration.

  • Best interest. Making common sense a clear mandate, financial advisors must act in a client’s best interest when giving retirement investment guidance.
  • Incentives. Investment firms must not offer their advisors incentives to act against their client’s best interests.
  • Fee disclosure. Investment firms are required to disclose any and all applicable fees on their websites.

Knowing your rights in regards to investment cannot guarantee you never need to consult a California FINRA arbitration attorney, but it can help you make better investing decisions.

“Hidden” loopholes for investment firms

Just as the above list offers clear guidance about which actions are requisite or prohibited under the new guidelines, the following are the actions that are still applicable, legal, and not considered wrongdoing under FINRA arbitration rules:

  • Private products. Investment firms are still permitted to endorse proprietary products. The concern here is that brokers are directly incentivized for these sales, leading them to push these products onto unsuitable clients.
  • Education. Advisors are permitted to provide basic information on retirement investment products without acting as culpable fiduciaries. This indemnifies the broker from being accused of causing harm if an investor follows said advice or acts on the basis of this education.
  • Communication. Communication between a financial advisor and potential client may occur, otherwise how would anything ever get done? However, the statement of best interest must be provided in writing before any contract is signed.

If you, a friend, or a loved one experiences fraud, broker misconduct or illegal action by an investment professional, contact one of The Frankowski Firm’s San Francisco FINRA arbitration lawyer.

Consult with experienced San Francisco FINRA attorneys

All Americans are afforded fiduciary protections, but it is even more important for aging adults who depend so heavily on the income from investment portfolios. The San Francisco FINRA arbitration attorneys at The Frankowski Firm are on your side, prepared to work closely with you and guide you through the arbitration process to a successful outcome. Investment has its risks; unsavory professional behavior need not be one of them. If you or someone you know in San Francisco has experienced financial misconduct or is entering FINRA arbitration, call 888.741.7503 or fill out our contact form to explore how we may be able to assist you.