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You may have myriad questions if you are facing the prospect of filing a FINRA arbitration claim. From wondering what qualifies as misconduct, to asking how much time you have to ascertain whether you have been victimized, Las Vegas FINRA arbitration attorneys are here. We work to facilitate your legal process, making it as clear and transparent as possible.

If you’ve taken your hard-earned money and invested it with the help of a professional with the expectation of being treated fairly and honestly. When that trust is broken, The Frankowski Firm is here to assist you in filing legal claims for FINRA arbitration. Our experience helps us achieve our goal of compensation for investors who have been defrauded or harmed by the incompetence or negligence of a broker or brokerage.

What type of professional misconduct qualifies for FINRA arbitration?

While there are a nearly unlimited number of ways a stockbroker or investment firm can harm their clients, there are four main categories investors need to be on the alert for:

  • Misrepresentation. This can arise when a broker knowingly makes false or untrue statements about any aspect of an investment transaction, from their own qualifications to the omission of necessary information about a purchase or sale.
  • Cold-calling. These calls are not simply unprompted, but they also typically employ high-pressure sales tactics to solicit purchases. They are particularly prominent with low-priced, speculative securities.
  • Unsuitability. A more subtle but nevertheless substantial issue occurs when a broker makes investments that are inconsistent with the client’s goals and needs.
  • Unauthorized trading. When laypeople think of investment fraud, this is generally the issue they conjure up. Making trades or purchases without the express consent of the client can range from the well-intended, where the client cannot be reached in time to make a trade the broker sees as beneficial, to the morally dubious, where brokers make sales expressly against the wishes of a client or entirely without their authorization.

As with any industry, the best remedy is prevention; knowing what the warning signs are can help you to avoid making unwise financial decisions on the advice of unscrupulous brokers. If you think you may have experienced any of these issues, turn to a knowledgeable Nevada FINRA arbitration attorney.

How long do I have to file a FINRA arbitration claim?

If you have experienced one of the aforementioned types of misconduct by an investment or brokerage firm, you may have noticed immediately that something is amiss. In other situations, the wrongdoing may not become apparent for some time. You have up to six years from the date of the event or occurrence giving rise to the claim to file the claim with FINRA. If the situation is unclear, or occurred over an extended period of time, we recommend consulting a Las Vegas FINRA arbitration lawyer to assist you in determining whether your claim is still eligible and how to proceed.

Las Vegas FINRA attorneys take action for you

Hopefully, this information can be of use to you as you determine your future course of action; however, it is no substitute for speaking directly to a Las Vegas FINRA arbitration attorney. If you or someone you know in Las Vegas has lost money through the dereliction of duty of an investment professional or is considering FINRA arbitration, call The Frankowski Firm at 888.741.7503 or fill out our contact form to explore your options for legal assistance.